What are Preserved Flowers?


In order to retain the natural beauty of flowers so that they can be utilized for a longer period, flowers are preserved. To preserve the flowers, a flower preservation technique is deployed which involves fresh cut flowers. During flower preservation process, fresh cut flowers are carefully chosen when they are fully grown to their best potential. Then they are preserved to the extent that their beauty remains fresh as ever and they can be utilized for multiple occasions for a longer period.

They are 100% natural products that have undergone flower preservation technology processes to maintain their freshness and beauty with no need for water or sunlight. Since every individual has different requirements as well as expectations, hence to match up those in the best possible manner these flowers are preserved and utilized. Preserved flowers are the flowers that last a year and are available in numerous colors and varieties & you can choose them depending upon your requirements or the occasion. Fresh flower preservation technique is a modern technique upon which you can rely on and can trust as it is completely eco-friendly.


Why should you use Preserved florals or Preserved roses?

Preserved Roses or Preserved flower are 100% real flowers and like we explained they have undergone a preservation process so that their beauty and freshness are retained for a longer period.

They are the real, fresh cut natural roses or the flowers that are carefully chosen and delicately cultivated. Every rose or the flower is thoughtfully chosen and with the help of technology along with the sophisticated parameters they are preserved. The important thing to note is that they can remain fresh for at least one year which makes them a preferred choice amongst many.

Preserved flowers or the eternity roses have brought a revolution in the floral industry and you will be surprised to know that they are available in vast sizes and colors to meet your needs for an upcoming special occasion. You can gift these amazing preserved flower bouquets and make the moments special for your loved ones.

Reasons, why you should use preserved flowers or long lasting roses are:


● Last longer than freshly cut flowers

The lifespan of preserved flowers is longer than fresh flowers. As we all know that the fresh flowers have a lifespan of up to 2 weeks but the preserved flowers long last up to 3 years and some can even last beyond that which makes them the perfect choice for any occasion. You can utilize them more than 1 time as per your needs.


● They cost cheaper than fresh flowers

Fresh flowers will last up to just a week but the preserved flowers will last long up to a year and even more which makes them highly cost-effective when it comes to utilization. Moreover, instead of utilizing them just as a memory, you can also use them as decor in your living room or bedroom. You can add beauty to your workstation in the office by having them placed in a vase which will look awesome in every respect.


● Preserved flowers do not require any special care or maintenance.

Trust us; preserved fresh flower do not require any sunlight, water, or special care. They will never wilt and you are not required to cut off or remove their unwanted leaves. So the headache of maintaining them or taking their care is zero. You just have to make sure that they are not placed directly in the sunlight or any humid location.


● They are perfect for any setting.

For individuals who are sensitive to certain pollen or are prone to allergies for them, they are more than perfect.


● In areas where it is not possible to prepare decor with fresh flowers, preserved ones are perfect and they won't require any maintenance. They are also a great alternative as they don't attract bugs or insects.


● There are numerous ways of utilizing them as they can be used as decorative preserved shrubs indoors, orchid to add a touch to the beauty. They will automatically make your personal space look lively and charming.


● With preserved flowers always available round the year, you can be assured of getting and gifting whenever you need it. This is one of the best ways to surprise your loved ones.


● They can be stored and transported to any location without any hassles as they are extremely freight friendly. Since they are light in weight and do not require maintenance so you can send them across to your loved ones sitting miles away. They are also available as preserved roses in box and your special gesture will surely make their day beautiful and memorable.


● These flowers or forever roses cause less wastage as they have a longer shelf life, hence they need not be replaced quickly.


● With preserved flowers there is no time constraint; hence when there is any requirement of making floral arrangements they can be done ahead of time. And they will still look fresh on the day of the event. This is one of the best advantage as well as a cost-effective utilization technique.


● By using preserved flowers you are contributing towards the environment because they are maintenance-free, so you don't have to worry about watering them frequently.

Moreover, they are preserved using biodegradable solutions which makes them completely eco-friendly.


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How are preserved flowers better than other flowers?


Preserved flowers are anytime better than natural or fresh flowers. They are perfect for preserving a special moment like any birthday, promotion, or an anniversary as your loved ones can keep them for a long period. Just remember they are not artificial and are not treated chemically.

They have simply undergone a transformation that stabilized their natural content and beauty. No plastic material or synthetic fiber is utilized to prepare them so you can rest assured in terms of their beauty.

Preserved flowers or roses are not toxic and are completely eco-friendly with no chemical added to them. They are biologically degradable & are not harmful to pets, children. With the simple flower preservation techniques, they are preserved and are upscaled in the best possible manner. Since they come with various benefits and are also very cost-effective, therefore you should gifts your loved ones the joy of preserving their favorite gifts.


Preserved Flowers Vs Dried Flowers


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Preservation of flowers is not a new process. It has been there since ages. The only difference is that today they are preserved using technology.


The preservation process of flowers is different from the drying one. These are the two different techniques that are utilized for the flowers which help them in maintaining their beauty. It allows us to retain the significant memory of the flowers or the occasion for a longer period.


So let's understand the difference between dried flowers and preserved flowers in detail.

Dried Flowers-

During this process, flowers are typically hung upside down for several days to dehydrate the blooms and stem. It is one of the oldest traditional methods that has been used for decades. It is the easiest way to retain their beauty for an extended period. You simply dehydrate them ridding them of their natural moisture.

Though their natural appearance is noticeably changed a coloring method can slightly improve them. It is a very simple procedure with rustic results. An important thing to note is that their appearance is completely removed during this process. They become extremely brittle and sensitive as their stems can break off easily and petals can fall off.

Since they are dehydrated therefore they are not long-lasting. You should keep them in a safe place so that they can last for several months. In earlier days, these techniques were used for preserving dried flowers to intact the memories. Using these methods, you can also preserve dried flower bouquet. 



Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are anytime better than natural or dried ones. They deploy modern techniques to improve the life of the flowers. These flowers are harvested at the peak of their beauty and are treated with organic mixtures to replace their sap. They are long-lasting and can be utilized on multiple occasions. They are flexible and can be cut and arranged the way you want.

The best part of these flowers is that they do not require any maintenance daily. You can keep preserved flowers for longer period and can enjoy their natural beauty. High technology rehydration process retains their fresh appearance and vibrancy. And since they are pollen-free and do not cause any allergic reactions so they can easily be gifted to your loved ones.


How are preserved flowers prepared?

You must have often thought, how are preserved roses made or how can you preserve real flowers? Flowers' preservation techniques are really safe and reliable. The preservation process of flowers is carried out under the supervision of experts renowned in this field. When it comes to this technique, you can be assured of safety and reliability as it involves complete natural technology and processes. The preservation technique is carried out using 3 simple steps.


In the first stage, fresh flowers are carefully chosen and are cultivated. Flowers are chosen when they reach their optimum size that means when they are fully grown. This is when they are the most beautiful and can be utilized for this process.


Second stage is the process of rehydration. This process is carried out with the help of biodegradables and it is made from fresh plants. Flowers that have been cut recently undergo this process. Since no chemicals are used in this process therefore they are toxic free. This process is continued till water and sap are fully replaced with preserving solutions in the flowers.

The solution prepared is added through the stems and it is continued till the replacement takes place. Once this is done, the preservation technique is completed. It is important to note that there are different flowers preservation techniques and you cannot expect the same to be utilized for the same set of flowers.

The process may look simple but it is not as simple as it seems. This process is executed carefully under the expert's supervision that are well trained and are aware of technology & processes.


The roses or the flowers are meticulously developed under leading standards; therefore each individual rose is cut only at its most peak and perfect state. The cultivation process is a very delicate one and to extend the life & beauty of the preserved fresh flowers only the finest fresh-cut roses are selected.

Different ways of using Preserved flowers

At some point in life, we must have received flowers or bouquets as a gift. They are one of the wonderful ways to express love and emotions for our loved ones. They are the best way to show our care but the sad part is they do not last long. But there are few ways to preserve them and treasure them for a long time.


Flower as jewelry

You can make use of flowers to create a beautiful long lasting piece of jewellery that you can wear and use every day. These flowers can be used by drying and setting in preserved flowers in resin mould to create beautiful eco-friendly bracelets or chains.

Apart from creating bracelets or chains, they can also be used to create pendants. You can add a beautiful touch of glitter and foliage to present this floral jewellery as a gift. These preserved flowers using wax can also be utilised. They will love and cherish this for years to come.


Flowers as picture frames

You can turn your flowers into beautiful home decor by preserving them into picture frames. The same can be utilized as your home decor and can also be gifted to your loved ones. These eco-friendly props can be hung in any room. These flowers will last forever as a memory by drying with additional touch through photographs and messages to form a memory.


Beautiful paperweights with flowers pressed

One can also create paperweights made of resin spheres and they can be prepared using fresh flowers. By preserving pressed flowers, you can use them as decor and they look beautiful in homes and offices.


Flower as Shadow Box

This is one of the perfect ways to preserve wedding bouquet or multiple flowers together. This is considered popular for preserving a wedding bouquet. But you can also utilise it to keep any preserve bouquet of flowers.


How can I preserve flowers at home?

This is one question that must have popped in your head once in a while about how to preserve a flower because it is not just a flower- it has memories, emotions connected to it which we are sure you don't want to forget easily.

If you have received a bouquet on your birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion then you can follow a few important tips to preserve them at home.


● By using glycerin-

Now how to preserve flowers with glycerine or preserve plants with glycerine? This process is not that difficult as you can make use of glycerin to preserve your flowers. Glycerin will not let your flowers dry out and they will stay lively for a longer period. This happens because glycerin replaces water in plants and it never let it dry.


● Preserved flowers using air drying

It is considered one of the easiest ways to preserve the flowers. During this process, you can take the leaves off of the stem of the flower. This will allow the flower to dry quickly. You can simply tie the flowers into small bundles and then hang them upside down in a ventilated area. You should make sure they are out of sunlight. The process of air drying can take up to a week or several months depending upon the flowers you are drying. These flowers will become brittle so you will have to take care of them.

● By pressing

This is also one of the easiest ways to preserve the flowers. You must be thinking, how to press flowers? All you need to do is press them and by doing this they become flat. You can press them using a book or a newspaper but make sure that they do not overlap. The weight will put some pressure on the flowers and within a few weeks, you will notice that they are dried and are ready for implementing dried flower arrangements display.


● By using Microwave

This is one of the ways where you can quickly dry the flowers. You should remove the stem from the flowers that you want to preserve. During this process, you should use silica gel to cover the bottom of the container where flowers are placed. Set the temperature of the microwave above defrosts for 2-5 min. This should be done depending on the type of flower as some of them can withstand higher temperatures.


● By using the sand method

You can also utilize sand to dry the flowers. It is one of the easiest and good ways to preserve the flowers. It is also one of the economical ways where you can use sand to dry the flowers and after they are dried you can hang them upside down to remove the sand. Thereby, using this simple technique you can preserve dried roses and keep them for long as a memory.


● By freeze drying

During this process, flowers are dried using a sublimation process where their shapes and color are preserved. It is considered as an expensive method as it requires a freezing machine. While preserving flowers, using this method theta refrozen below 100 Kelvin for a minimum of 12 hours after which their moisture is pulled out using a vacuum pump. The natural color of the flower is maintained for a long time. Flowers that are typically dried using this technique are roses, carnations, and ferns.


Traditional methods of preparing preserved flowers?

Flower preservation is an ancient art and it has been there since ages ago. They were preserved for many reasons like their beauty, and to preserve memories. Different flowers require different methods of preservation and in earlier days there were no methods available. However, some of the oldest methods to dry flowers were- Air drying naturally, by making use of glycerin and pressing. But today with the advancement of technology, more advanced methods have been introduced which lets flowers last for more than a year. Preserved flower arrangements are being utilised extensively for various occasions like weddings, birthdays, corporate event and a lots more. Your wedding is a big day and with preserved flowers you can have your wedding bouquet preserved easily. You can also utilize preserved flowers for craft and they can be reused over a long period.


Why Preserved flowers are better from Floral Only?

Preserved flowers wholesale in China

At Floralonly, experts are professionally trained and have been in the process of preserving flowers for years. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and expertise from professionals, best quality is being delivered to customers all over the world. We are the leading provider of preserved flowers for sale in our region, Kunming. We provide you with numerous options to choose from and the best part is that we can help you with customization depending upon your requirements. Our flowers are 100% real and natural and they are preserved from natural and high quality floral breeds. Using our technology we can produce high quality breed which are natural, and beautiful.


Floral only, your reliable partner helping you with, How to preserve flowers for years?

We utilize the latest technology to preserve real flowers. During the preservation process, we choose high quality flowers, and only 30%-40%, flowers are selected as only a few can meet the quality standards. Hence, as preserved flower suppliers we choose flowers of the strongest species as not all of them can meet the quality standard. In the post-election process, chosen flowers undergo a preservation process where the water content in them is replaced with a biodegradable solution.


At Floralonly, we completely understand the importance of flowers in your life and hence, it is our earnest endeavour to keep you connected to it by bringing the freshness to your lives and indoors. You can choose from range of our available preserved roses in wholesale.


How can you avail of preserved flowers and what you will need?

If you want to make an upcoming occasion special and memorable for your loved ones then you can surprise them with flowers from Floral only. You can visit our website or talk to our experts to make the bookings for single or wholesale preserved flowers. No matter whatever be the quantity of your order be, our team would readily be available to take note of your needs.



We have standard and certified procedures to take care of your bookings. We understand that they are very delicate and need to be delivered carefully in the same condition as you have booked them. We recommend you to order preserved flowers in wholesale and we will ensure they are safely delivered through EMS, DHL. We also have the facility to make shipments through the sea but it takes a lot of time. So to help you save your precious time and have your gifts delivered right on time, we recommend ordering through express.


Amazing Collection

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