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What according to you is more classic, romantic than a bunch of red roses? Almost everyone would believe and agree that nothing is more ecstatic than the bouquet of red roses and they are a perfect way to express love, emotions, and feelings for someone you dearly love.


Whether the special occasion is a wedding, birthday, anniversary or valentine’s day then you can never go wrong with the choice of roses as the best pick is always “Red Roses”. So let’s understand the amazing history behind our favorite roses.


Red roses have been fascinating us and capturing our minds since time immemorial. Gifting your loved one a single stem of a red rose or a bouquet is just the perfect way to say that you love them dearly.


Red Roses through the Ages


For a thousand years, red roses have been associated with love. Greek mythology has often related roses to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  To this day, offering a red rose is the perfect way to express romantic love and emotions.


The deeper meaning of Red Roses


If you look deeper you will understand that there is a deep meaning behind the red roses. The shade of red is highly significant, with deep red roses they represent love and emotions.


Burgundy colour red roses are often used to send messages where your love is unrequited. Rosebud is also significant and plays an important role as it symbolizes young love, innocence, purity, and of course beauty.


Guide to gifting Red Roses by number

You will be very surprised to know that the “Number” in which you are gifting the red roses to your loved ones also plays an important role.


From a single bloom to a whole bouquet it has a special meaning behind it. So let's discover this number game and see how you can match the occasion when it comes to gifting the red roses to your loved ones.


● One rose: A single rose represents love at first sight, and if it is coming or gifted by a long term partner then it simply means they love you and really adore you.

● Two roses: Two roses or a pair means mutual love and affection between the couple.

● Three roses: To celebrate one month anniversary three red roses are gifted.

● Six roses: If you are gifted with 6 roses then it simply means that the giver is infatuated and wants to be yours.


● Ten roses: If you want to express to your loved one that their love is perfect then you can choose a bouquet of ten red roses.


● Eleven roses: If you gift your loved one a bouquet of 11 roses then it means they are the treasured one and signified true & deep love.



● Twelve roses: If you want to convey your loved one to be yours then you can gift them a bunch of a dozen roses.


● Fifteen roses: If you want to apologize to your loved one then need not say sorry and simply gift them fifteen roses.


● Twenty-four roses: Two dozen roses are a simple way to clearly say “I’m all yours”.

● Thirty-six roses: If you are head over heels on someone you love, then go ahead and gift them three dozen red roses.


● Fifty roses: If you are planning something romantic and special which you want to make memories forever then you can gift them an amazing bouquet of fifty roses


Apart from celebrating love, red roses are also a beautiful way of conveying respect and love for someone who has passed away. It can also represent courage and gratitude towards them.

We hope by now you will be clear how important they are to our lives and their significance when we gift them in specific numbers.


For those who want to go the extra mile while impressing their loved ones then they can pair up their bouquets with complimentary gifts of goodies, delicious chocolates, or a bottle of wine.


Nothing can beat the power of red roses.


So if it is that time of the year when you want to show care, love, and affection for a blossoming attraction or an eternal love then gift red roses Now when you know the story of the red rose and the meaning behind it then why not gift preserved red roses to your loved one.


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