How and why Natural Preserved flowers help to make a profit vs traditional flowers?

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are the sunshine and medicine for the soul” Luther Burbank

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Flowers, as we know, are the most beautiful creations and blessings in the universe. They always blossom and spread positivity & happiness. They have many virtues and amongst these are the endless possibilities of spreading cheer through them no matter whether they are presented as a single flower or in the form of beautiful decor. They just know how to spread smiles. But sadly the problem arises when they have a short life span.


Thanks to technological processes, now we can have our beautiful flowers preserved and retain them for a longer period. All this is possible due to the flower preservation process. Wouldn't you love to have flowers that are completely natural, chemical-free, and can be utilized for more than a year?  


Do you know they carry a lot of benefits in comparison to fresh flowers? Some of them include-


● Preserved flowers are a true value for money.

● With Preserved flowers, there is ZERO maintenance and no stress at all.

● Preserved flowers or Preserved roses are suitable for any setting and mood.

● Eco-friendly: Using preserved flowers helps save the environment

● Long lasting life and durability through the preservation process


Today, we are going to learn about how and why the preserved flowers are better than traditional flowers or fresh flowers and why we should use them more often.

Natural Preserved flowers are true value for money

Yes, preserved flowers are a true value for money and there are a lot of reasons to justify the same. We will share the reasons why they are perfect and should be your next preferred choice.


● Preserved flowers or the preserved roses last longer than fresh cut flowers. Therefore, you can utilize them for decorative processes on more than one occasion without worrying about their looks and beauty.


● Fresh flowers have a lifespan of just 1-2 weeks and on the same hand, preserved flowers with similar look and beauty can continue for 1 or up to 3 years.


● They will cost you cheaper and economical than the fresh flower bouquets.

An important point to ponder upon is that the fresh rose bouquet costs around USD 70 and they will last only for up to a week. And the preserved flowers would start around USD 90 and would last even longer. This would cost you just a few cents and even less per day. Isn't it interesting? What could be more value for money than these cheap preserved roses providing you with round the year access?


● No stress of maintenance so you just don't have to worry at all.


● Since the preserved flowers do not require water, sunlight therefore all your cost for maintenance concerns are gone. They are completely maintenance-free and they will never wilt. You won't have to bother about the dry leaves. So practically with zero maintenance comes zero cost.


● Suitable for all kinds of settings

With preserved flowers, you can use them in different kinds of settings. Moreover, you don't have to worry about allergies when you use them. They are perfect for individuals who are sensitive to pollen.

With so many benefits and the ability to use them on multiple occasions, preserved flowers is the best and complete value for money. They are a perfect alternative to fresh flowers and are always valued for their round-the-year availability. So stop worrying about the seasons for availability, your favorite flowers are always available whenever you want to make preserved flower arrangements.  

Zero maintenance and no stress

Do you really think how you will have to take care of preserved flowers?

It brings an immense pleasure to revisit the old memories of the flowers which were gifted on your special day. What makes it even more memorable and interesting is that your luxury roses or the forever roses remain just the same as they were on day one when gifted.

But many often think that these preserved flowers or the plants need a lot of maintenance. This is actually not true. Yes, the preserved flowers or the preserved roses have ZERO maintenance. They will retain their beauty with each passing day and you will continue to gush and feel happy as you see them each day.


Not only they are 100% natural, chemical free but they are also maintenance free. You can choose from many varieties of floral compositions as they are available in numerous varieties and colors.

How to take care of preserved flowers or preserved plants?

Just minimal care. That’s it. You can enjoy the beauty of your preserved flowers for months and years. This is one of their unique advantages. You don't have to water them or need to keep them in sunlight. The only requirement they have is that you should keep them away from sunlight and away from humid conditions.


With a few simple tips, you can maintain their beauty for a long time.

● Don’t put your preserved flowers or your eternal roses in water and keep them away from humid environments.

● Don’t press them or bend their petals since they are delicate and can get damaged easily.

Just remember they are natural flowers and have undergone preservation processes.


Preserved flowers are suitable for any setting and mood


Preserved flowers are best and suitable for any occasion or event. Be it a corporate event, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or a personal party, they just blend with every mood and occasion. Since the preserved flowers are not subject to any climatic attacks therefore you can use them for both indoor as well as outdoor settings to suit your occasion.


● Preserved roses for decor

Having the preserved plants or flowers in the indoor spaces like workspace or at home improves the interior decor. Research has always indicated that having these flowers as part of the interiors results in positivity and improves productivity, efficiency, and mood.


● Preserving live flowers and keeping preserved flowers in the hospitals has resulted in speedy recoveries. They result in a lower heart rate and controlled blood pressure.


● They are perfect long lasting roses for any setting and help in dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress.




Eco-friendly: Using preserved flowers helps save the environment


Floral Only, is deeply committed to a sustainable environment and development. We truly believe in taking care of the environment therefore our team ensures that we follow practices and processes that are environmentally friendly and do not result in waste.


We conduct eco-friendly practices at our production centers and we refrain from utilizing any sort of harmful or toxic chemicals that are harmful to nature.


We have preserved flowers or the preserved rose boxes in a variety of colors, unique arrangements. You can choose from a lot of options and can have them customized after talking to our experts to suit your occasion or space. They are perfectly ideal for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, and even corporate gifts.


Floral Only Flowers- Your perfect ecofriendly choice.


Our preserved flowers undergo a careful preservation process. They are carefully chosen and we take care of them even during the transportations. With no water, chemicals or any fertilizer required they are perfect eco-friendly options to gift your loved ones or use them for any personal occasion of yours.

When you choose flowers from any nearby florist or a store, you will have to take care of many things like the plastic sheets covering it, tie-ups, etc. With our preserved roses in boxes, or preserved flowers in the glass you don't have to worry about anything. Our packaging is thoughtfully done and there are many practical uses to it.


Long lasting life and durability


Preserved flower arrangements work best due to their long lasting life and durability. Floral Only, products shine the most in terms of their beauty. These beautiful roses last more than a year and can even go up to 3 years as well.


Whether you are planning to spruce up your personal space or bring a smile to your loved ones, our preserved rose arrangements make it easy to access them. Enjoy these gorgeous blooms as and when you like as you don't have to wait for their season. With lovely box arrangements, you can use these beautifully preserved flower bouquets and make it your next choice for gifts or events.


Preserved flowers are better than other fresh flowers

With the value the Preserved flowers bring, they are perfect and any time better than the fresh flowers. They are the ones that have undergone simple transformation processes that stabilized their natural content and beauty. No plastic material or synthetic fiber is utilized to prepare them during the preservation process, so you can rest assured in terms of their beauty.


Best Preserved flowers- Floral Only


Preserved flowers wholesale in China

Our experts are well trained and have been utilizing state-of-the-art technological processes to deliver the best and beautiful blooms. Over the years, we have retained the position of being the leading provider of the preserved flowers wholesale in the Kunming region. We provide our clients with options to choose from a variety of arrangements, colors, and even preparations. We also assist when it comes to customization.


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We have deployed the latest technology to preserve your favorite flowers. We ensure to select only the high quality and the strongest species.


If you are looking forward to making an upcoming occasion memorable and eventful then you can surprise your loved ones with flowers from Floral Only. Our experts can guide you while you plan your special day. Our experts would always be available to make the bookings whether you need a single bouquet or wholesale preserved flowers. The quantity of the flowers doesn’t matter and our team is readily available to address your needs even at the last minute.


Our shipping procedures are standard in nature and are certified. So you don't have to worry about your lovely flowers being damaged. You will receive them in the same condition as you have ordered them. All our shipments are delivered through EMS, DHL and we will assure you of delivery within the timelines.


Choose Preserved flowers, Choose quality!

Collection at Floral only revolves around amazing flower gifts, preserved mosses, preserved carnations, preserved flowers in a box and customized gifts, loved by one and all. Keep your worries and concerns aside as you choose quality flowers from our collection.


Over the years, preserved flowers have seen a huge popularity with a lot of demand. This is expected to increase even more in the near future. With their long term solutions as part of the decor, gift items, fashion, and lifestyle they are sure for here to stay.


Be assured, our collection will never disappoint you.


Celebrate hope, happiness, and love by choosing our flowers.



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