Wedding natural preserved flowers styles and variations

Do you know the key elements for any wedding apart from the bride and groom? There are many. For example, they are- decor, ambiance, and flowers. Yes, flowers!


Are you thinking about why “flowers” and how they can be such an important element? We will explain this to you in detail as we move forward.


Can you imagine any wedding without flowers? No, right! Because they form an important part of any occasion and are instrumental in our lives. Right from the halls to the boutonniere, they can be found everywhere at any wedding. 


Over the years, many new trends and ideas have evolved regarding how to utilize them for decor as you prep up for your Big Day. You can find flowers everywhere right from the bridal bouquet to the petals down at the entrance for a memorable welcome, along with the decorations at the tables and much more. We will share with you the important ongoing trends as well as tips on how effectively they can be utilized on the big day. 

red preserved rose

● Top wedding latest floral trends for the season

● Ways to style luxury roses for the wedding season

● Nautral Preserved flowers to choose for the ZOOM wedding

● Top wedding luxury flower bouquet styles

● Best long lasting flowers for the bridal bouquets

● Wedding table flower arrangements & ideas

● The symbolism of natural preserved wedding flowers

Flowers play an important role and create an amazing vibe at your wedding with their color, beauty, fragrance, and much more. So make sure to make the most of it through the decor and make it an instrumental component of the design that everyone is going to remember for long.

Top wedding latest floral trends for the season

No wedding is complete without flowers. The way your wedding dress expresses the feel, style of the wedding, in the same manner, the flower expresses so much that you can't even imagine. 


They are the perfect elements to beautify your wedding apart from lights, music, and food. Numerous ideas can be explored when it comes to utilization. And a lot more can be done through their color, size, shapes. They create a unique ambiance as magical as beautiful as love. 

As we already discussed that flowers are the key elements for any wedding and even better when they are the best-preserved flowers. So here we will share with you some wedding flower ideas and trends that are rocking this year which will stun you because weddings are not just limited to dresses and styles.

Why flowers are a must at your wedding:

-Flowers bring an element of freshness to the ambiance.

-They are good at setting up the mood in and around.

So some of the latest trends which you can pick up for your upcoming wedding are- 


-Floral ceiling decor

Those days are gone when big gigantic chandeliers used to be attractive and a big thing in top-notch weddings. To catch up with the latest trends, floral ceilings are being designed, and trust us they are simply awesome. Your guests are surely going to love them. 


-Make use of foliage

If you want to give a rustic feel to your wedding and want to use foliage then you can set up a theme around it. Theme based decors are in for most of the weddings and no one can overlook rustic wildflowers and botanical elements connected to it. They are setting up a major trend when it comes to outdoor decor. 

It is considered as an ideal trend for those who love nature and are highly environment friendly. This combination adds much more life to the setting and freshness to the whole event.

You can take inspiration from nature and choose themes around it. For example- you can choose lemon or yellow theme if your wedding is a spring wedding and can pair it up with green foliages to create a fresh and zesty look.

You can also check for preserved roses in a vase, if you are going ahead with a winter wedding then you can play around with colorful blooms. 

A rainbow theme is a good option, it looks vibrant and playful with plenty of greenery. You can have gorgeous and amazing parrot tulips, cosmos flowers. And as the weather gets warmer, bouquet shapes tend to get looser which helps achieve the natural look and style.

Apart from hydrangeas and peonies, you can also utilize traditional marigold or jasmine to give a twist to the floral ceilings balls and can also incorporate or use them as a western-style centerpiece. It will give a unique look and will look awesome.


-Floral jewelry

We recommend using floral as accessories for hairs. They look fresh and give a unique addition to the vibes of the event. You can also complement them with your wedding attire as there is a range of color options available.

-Beautiful walls decked up with Florals

Photo booths are the latest and in trend. There are hosts of interesting photo booth ideas that can fascinate the couples as well as their guests. The most interesting part is they are too designed and decked up based on the theme with beautiful floral arrangements. The walls, background look stunning and beautiful and are very unique. They can be personalized and customized as per your requirements to please your guests.

Ways to style luxury roses for the wedding season

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding and brides are especially looking for ways to give unique touches to their wedding, something their loved ones should cherish and remember for long or have not done before. So today, we are going to share some inspirational floral arrangements or accessories you can try for your big day which will make you stand out in the crowd.


If you are someone who hates artificial or plastic flower accessories then go ahead with real preserved flowers and give a whole new appeal to your look. You can choose preserved luxury roses as your hair accessories and you won't be required to maintain them for long. They are the real flower arrangements and we guarantee that these flowers will last up to a few months to years with minimal maintenance.


So if you are excited to go ahead and experiment with preserved flowers with stems or preserved peonies. Here we will share a few styling tips with you.

-Loose & Messy side bun look

The side bun look is very eye-catching where you can twist the entire length of hair and then can pin it across one side into a loose coil. Here you can add a few flowers and make it even more appealing. You can leave a few trails of hairs to give a messy look.


-Side Sweep look

This is the easiest and sassiest look where you can use a hair comb to side sweep your hair on one side of your head. You can let loose the remaining hair to give a romantic look. It looks even more amazing when you have beautiful, wavy hair with an amazing texture.


-Twist on the traditional plait settings

Here you can carefully partition your hair into two halves and by taking thin strands of hair from either side do the classic fishtail braid. You can do this till the bottom of the hair. The beauty of this look is that you can let loose and go messy with this braid and it looks beautiful. And when the braid is ready, you can gently use flowers to make it look stunning and appealing. 


Natural Preserved flowers to choose for the ZOOM wedding

This year has been different as well as difficult for many reasons. Several events have been rescheduled or have been postponed. However, even though the wedding season this year is different than the previous years. We still wish and endeavor to make it special for your big day. 


We still wish and want your special day to feel incredibly special, irrespective of whether you are planning to cherish your big wedding day as a close-knit affair or as a zoom wedding. 

If you are planning to host your wedding through zoom this year then that does not mean you cannot have fun. You can invite all your friends, family members on zoom and can deck up your house as per your whims and fancies with beautiful blooms. Let's sparkle up your wedding day in a most cherished and memorable way which you will never forget in your lifetime.

Take note of the important checkpoints. For instance, make sure to choose the eternal flowers carefully and where you would like to have them placed. Choose your checkpoints wisely like where you will be setting up your laptop and which all areas will be easily visible. This can cover several different locations and you might need to place your camera at a location that is accessible and covers the complete area. 

Once you are done with the setting up of your devices, you can go ahead and see the best places to do the floral arrangements. You can try giving a neat and clean look to the place.


Next important thing is to identify where you will buy flowers. Will it be safe to buy from a local florist or you should order it online from a reliable vendor. For your peace of mind, and safety you can place your orders at Floral only and we will ensure timely delivery as well as safety as we properly maintain additional hygiene measures and contactless deliveries.

If you are planning to do a theme wedding, so whether it is a boho, chic theme, stick to a specific color. If your theme is boho then we can supply you with a wide range of foliage flowers that can be used around your house. They are the best for hanging from light decor or where high furniture is placed. It will give a unique feel to the ambiance around.

You can also use hand-tied bouquets with different color themes. For this, you can have beautiful floral arrangements with vibrant foliage. You can capture the tones and hues. 

If you want to give a minimalist look and feel then you can also use single stems and dot them around the buds. These little decors of elegance will make your space feel lively and special. 

By choosing the preserved flowers from Floral Only, we assure you stunning flower decors that will last for months to come. You will be able to remember your special day for even longer with our preserved natural flowers, making it even more special as they are long-lasting flowers. At Floral Only, we also offer flowers in a preservation box and they really look beautiful and elegant.

Top wedding luxury flower bouquet styles

When you are planning a floral design for your wedding, you will have plenty of choices to make. Besides the decor, the most important decision to make is regarding the wedding bouquet. No matter what theme you are going ahead with your wedding, there are more than one ways to style your wedding flower bouquets. And there are even ways to design them so that they complement your overall look. There are many different types of bouquets- from a single stem with just one type of flower arrangement to the overflowing ones. With different wedding styles becoming popular over the years new trends are popping in for the bridal bouquets. However, there are some of the styles which are tried and have been liked before as the true favorites.


We will share with you a few types of wedding bouquets which you can style as per your choice for your big day.

-Posy bouquet

This is one of the most classic bouquets and this includes a small round bouquet that is loosely tied across with a decorative ribbon. One can easily hold it in one hand and also bears the flexibility to incorporate different flower types. They are generally made up of flowers and the preferred choice for these includes- garden roses, peonies, tulips.

-Cascade bouquet

These are the typical traditional ones for wedding ceremonies which look like a waterfall of flowers. They are also referred to as pageant bouquets and they make a lovely choice. You can have fresh greens around the flowers or various types of stemmed orchids to make it look pretty. It makes a strong style statement, so make sure your wedding dress and accessories are fairly simple.


-Round bouquet

It is slightly larger than the posy bouquet and is considered as a great choice for formal weddings. You can either design it as a tight cluster or loosely and can customize it as per your wedding theme and dressing style. They are formed into perfect domes and you can tailor it to your wedding and dress style. 



Biedermeier is another version of the round bouquet and is more artistic than the other two. Flowers in this bouquet are aligned in concentric circles and you can choose different flower species in this to make it look different and appealing. You can ensure flowers are cut in equal length to give it a clean and neat look.


This is the most popular choice amongst the bridesmaids. They are smaller to posy bouquets and focus more on greenery rather than flowers. It gives a classy and elegant feeling. You can also have an addition of greenery to set this distinctive and apart from others. This can be done by choosing one flower species or specific color and then by combining it with greenery.


If you want to try something different for your bridal bouquet then make use of pageant-style. It is different as this is prepared by choosing longer stem flowers and foliages and then tying them together. It gives an extravagant feel. You can cradle them in your arms and they look beautiful.


If you want to give a bohemian style feel, then you can choose to go ahead with a hand-tied bouquet. It would be an ideal and perfect choice as a wild assortment of florals and foliage, tied up with fabric makes it look amazing. It also adds a natural and rustic feel to your wedding. 


They are the perfectly round spheres of flowers, a perfect style that includes a handle made up of ribbon right at the tip for carrying. They are also well suited for the flower girls and can be easily held in hands.

-Composite bouquet

This is one gorgeous pick of the season and is also known as glamelia. They are simply composed of simple individual petals which are arranged in such a manner that they resemble a single large beautiful bloom. 

preserved rose in box

These are some of the favorite wedding flowers bridal bouquet styles which have been liked and preferred over the years. Honestly, there is no wrong or right answer as to which one you should choose for your day. The decision has to be completely yours depending upon your choice and preferences. There are various wedding flowers online packages available and they offer you plenty of options to choose from.

You can also choose your bouquet depending upon the location, venue, theme of the wedding, season, and a lot more. The important thing to remember is that you choose it carefully as per your preference and make it a personal choice. Don’t let too many opinions get in your way of holding your dream choice bouquet.

Why not try using bouquets which consist of preserved flowers, so your bridal bouquet can last for months after the special day! Whatever style you prefer for your big day, you can choose to buy a preserved flower so your special memories are long-lasting. There are various modern wedding bouquets in preservation available so you can choose from them depending upon the flowers and color of preference.


Best long-lasting flowers for the bridal bouquets

As we all know, flowers play a significant role in any wedding, but it is important to note that the choice of flowers is equally important for the bridal bouquet. Apart from the bridal bouquet, you can also choose to gift the bride in the form of a wedding bouquet in a preservation box.

We will share with you some of the best flowers which you can utilize for the bridal bouquets and why they should be your first choice for your special day.


They are the most popular choice due to the variety of colors they possess. They are the ones that are easily available in pastel as well as vibrant shades. So you can choose as per the theme of the wedding or your choice. They represent happy years or positivity which are very much related to the occasion too. You will be surprised to know that the velvet-like center of the tulip flower is considered as the heart of a lover, filled with love. Hence, they are perfect to be part of the occasion as they are a meaningful choice. Few of their color and meaning includes-

●Blue tulips- Daintiness

●Orange tulips- Happiness

●Red tulips- Love and passion

●Stripped tulips- New beginning and eternal love

●Pink tulips- pride and love

●Yellow tulips- eternal love


Owing to their voluminous bloom they make a unique style statement on this special occasion. They are grown in single and double-flower styles and come in various shades of pink. As a contrast against a white wedding dress, they look stunning and appealing and their delicate petals symbolize a humble beauty. Their large full heads, bright colors, and strong fragrance make them the perfect choice that you and your guest will never forget. It is also called the king of flowers as in the medieval times only emperors were allowed to own them. Because of their association with royalty, they are associated with luxury, wealth, and riches. They also represent worth, honor, romance, love, and beauty in all forms. They come in numerous colors-

●Deep red- represents honor, respect, wealth

●Pink- represents romance and is ideal for weddings

●White/pale pink- Shy

Peonies are easily available in the summer season and spring.



Just like peonies, they also bloom with smaller petals. But they come in a multitude of pink hues. Other shades apart from pink include blue, purple, and burgundy. All of these colors look vibrant and popping against a neutral dress color. They are also considered as a popular choice for filler flowers in a bouquet or as a simple bridal bouquet. With their wooden stems, beautiful lacy flowers they are packed closely together. Due to their varied meanings, they are often paired with other flowers to grace the occasion. They come in different colors and they include-

●Pink- The beating heart in love, emotions, romance.

●Purple- Desire for deep understanding.

●White- Purity, grace.

A stem of two looks amazing and they also make great table flower arrangements. 



They are sophisticated and elegant flowers so are perfect for the sophisticated and elegant bride. They represent luxury which is ideal for a formal wedding, and their classic style with white and light pink hues will create a lovely bouquet. They are the traditional wedding flowers and make the perfect eye-catching bouquet. They easily fit in all the themes. And they used to represent innocence, love, self-reflection. They add a unique touch of elegance to the wedding which cannot be matched with any other flower. They are mostly available in white but also come in a variety of tinges-

●White- Love, innocence, Protection

●Pink tinge- Blooming love

●Yellow tinge- secret love

-Sweet pea

It is a perfect flower for a bride who is looking forward to a traditional wedding or a French-themed wedding. It forms a unique shape like that of a pea and smells lovely. It is associated with pleasure, love, thanks, and is a delicate choice for a wedding. It comes in a range of colors and they represent-

●Pink- Happiness, joy, and beauty

●Purple- royal, admiration, pride, and respect

●Red- love, courage, and desire

●White- Innocence, gratitude



They are beautiful, cost-effective alternatives to roses and peonies. These are the perfect fairy tale blooms and come in thin layered, crepe-like petals. They come in a range of gorgeous colors.

●Orange- positive energy, beauty, and happiness

●Pink- romance, love, feelings

●Yellow- happiness and joy

●Purple- royalty and beauty

●Red-love, romance, and passion



No one can ever neglect roses as they are the best flowers for the bridal bouquet. They come in a variety of colors and they represent love, beauty, and romance. Since they are available in so many colors therefore you can choose the ones which best suit your wedding theme. Due to their romantic association with love they are the enduring choice for the occasion. Other popular luxury roses for wedding theme includes-

●Deep pink roses- Gratitude and appreciation

●Orange roses- passion and enthusiasm

●Pink rosebud- new love

●Red rosebud- purity in love

●Red roses- love


This is a beautiful star-shaped flower and is an ideal choice for the brides who are inspired by the garden theme. It comes in numerous colors from purple to magenta and white. It looks well with garden roses and peonies.


If you are planning your wedding somewhere during the summer then these are for you. They make excellent wedding flowers for the bridal as well as bridesmaid bouquets. They last for a long time and do not require much water. You can even take them off from your bouquet and use it as decor after your wedding. Whether you use them or mix them with other blooms, they add some beautiful visual interest to the bouquet.

-Lily of the valley

They are easily recognizable and have been popular for a long time back. This is due to their symbolism of sweetness, luck, happiness, and purity. It also represents good luck, happiness, and beauty.

These are some of the most amazing and popular wedding flowers which you can choose for your big day. Any of these would make a spectacular addition to your wedding. However, it is important to note that you make sure that the flowers you choose to work well with your vision. Because as we mentioned, your wedding bouquet should work with your wedding gown as well as the color. So you must keep that in mind while designing your bouquet. There are many subtle shades available that having one mismatch may make it look odd. 

Natural Preserved Flowers

If you are looking for a bridal bouquet which should last for months after your special day then you should go ahead and choose preserved flowers. They are the best choice for you. With preserved flowers, you can simply preserve your wedding memories and can relive your beautiful wedding. Wedding flowers in preservation will be an ideal choice as you can utilize them at the later stages. You can also place and display them in your home, enjoying the sentiment for longer. 


Wedding table flower arrangements & ideas

There are so many important elements of a wedding that you can afford to ignore them. These small intricate details add beauty to the event and make it memorable more than ever. Apart from the bouquets, flower decor there are other decorative elements that you can consider to make your day special and eventful. 

For instance- table decor, you can pep up the ambiance of the place by focussing on flowers to be placed on the guest's table. Here we bring to you a few ideas which will inspire you to make some quick decisions for your special day.

-A simple preserved flower vase combination

If you are looking for a simple setting then you can use simple flowers along with the vase on each table. You can match the color scheme based on the theme of the wedding. If you want to make it look appealing or would like to add more details then you can spread some petals around the vase stand.

-Preserved flowers inbox

If you want to give a rustic feel to your wedding then you can also make use of a wooden box that can go perfectly for the table flowers. You can personalize them with the theme of the wedding or can even add the name of the couple along with the date of the event.

-Beautiful floating petals

One can never go wrong with this combination. It not only looks charming on the table but it also gives a good feel. It is a unique and charming idea to have a bowl filled with flower heads or petals with tea light candles. 

-Candle Centerpiece

If you would like to give a more profound statement then you can use a candle as the centerpiece decorated with flowers. Or you can also plan to display your wedding flowers in a tall, extravagant vase. Not only it will bring in more impact but it will also exude a luxurious feel throughout. 

-Potted flowers 

Potted flowers in ceramics look cute. To make them look even more distinctive you can personalize them by painting letters. It could be the letters of the couple's name or wedding date.

These are the few ideas that work real wonders and make the ambiance look amazing. We hope that we have given you a little bit of inspiration for your table flowers, and just remember that every one of these ideas can be altered in a way to suit your wedding theme. 

The symbolism of preserved wedding flowers

Wedding flowers play a very important role as we already know and they are the perfect symbol of a new beginning. They have significant meaning when chosen specifically for this special day. Some of the important hidden meanings behind these beautiful flowers are-

●Lily of the Valley

They are the lasting flowers if chosen in preserved form. It symbolizes happiness, humility accompanied by purity. It is famous for its drooping bell shape and sweet fragrance. It is a perfect timeless elegance and it is also considered as royal. It is one of the most traditional picks and has been prevalent for several years. 


It is a great choice as we know and it is believed to represent happiness and good fortune. Along with this it also represents good health, prosperity, which makes it a perfect choice for the occasion.


Weddings are all about love and happiness & tulips symbolism the same. They represent care, compassion, love and they are the perfect selection when declaring wedding vows. The best thing is that tulips come in a variety of colors so you can match them with the theme of your wedding.


It symbolizes understanding and gratitude. They are a good choice for weddings since the couples are embarking a new journey therefore this bouquet will express heartfelt emotions and an exciting journey.


Everyone knows roses are all about love, passion. Different colors of the roses have different meanings and can be chosen accordingly.

未标题-1_0009_爱心守候系列  单枝蓝牙音响 我的心里只有你(红色)5.jpg

These beautiful creations have an innate power to make the occasion go from dull to happiness and joyous. They have a tremendous impact on our lives and we cannot choose to ignore them as they bring happiness, smiles to everyone around us.

So, if you are planning and preparing a Zoom wedding for yourself or your loved one then make sure to sparkle every moment by taking care of every small intricate detail. After all, it is your big day so what if you are organizing it through Zoom. Spruce up the style quotient of your important day and make it memorable & joyous for everyone who is part of it. 

And to make it even more memorable, make sure to use only preserved flowers that last a year or months thereby reducing your headache of having maintained them for a longer period. It is your special day so you should choose special flowers only through our collection of preserved flowers. 

You will not only enjoy their beauty and serenity on your d day but also other days as well. You can later utilize them as your home decor too. These long-lasting roses and flowers are available at cost-effective prices and are easy to maintain. 

Preserved flowers wholesale China

Based out of the Kunming region, at Floral only, we take pride in the fact that we have been successful in serving clients with smiles and happiness through our collection of preserved flowers over the years. Our team members are professionally sound and trained to handle your requirements with personalization. 

We have deployed the latest technologies at our premises that offer the best results as per your expectations. Our flowers are of the best quality and we deploy a simple preservation flower process technique through which we have been in a position to cater to our clients who had requirements for decor in hotels, home, and commercial spaces.

We are the leading provider of preserved flowers wholesale in China and you can easily have your requirements met by talking to our experts. We process preserved flowers in bulk so you can be rest assured of your needs being met.

We assure you of premium quality and results by choosing preserved flowers that will remain with them for a longer period and can help them cherish & rejoice their memories for longer. 

With long shelf life, you can utilize these beautiful and elegant flowers for making floral arrangements, bouquets for gifting, decor for weddings, events, office decor, shows indoor use in homes, and much more. 

We have also introduced customized collections with unique gifts that come in a range of boxes or glass to add to their beauty. They are the real preserved flowers in the glasses and you can be assured as they are 100% real. They are of exceptional quality and are highly cost-effective as compared to other brands. 

The utilization of the latest technology helps preserve their natural beauty, softness, and of course the look. This makes us provide you the wedding flowers on a budget and our team selects only the best quality flowers or luxury roses for the preservation process to give the best you deserve. These are some of the ways we implement to meet your needs with quality and best flowers. 

Lastly, we would recommend that you make a personal style statement or a message for you and your family by choosing the one that has a hidden meaning. And finally, enjoy the wedding day. You don't have to worry much as the preserved flowers won't require any maintenance and they would be perfect to remember for the wedding day for long.

We understand weddings are the most important occasion of anyone’s life and everyone wants to make it the best & memorable for years to come. So whether it is you who is getting married or it's your loved one who is preparing for the big day, you can make the best and most of it by choosing these special flowers. They will add not only beauty but also add happiness to your lives forever. 

We wish more happiness, luck, growth, joys, and freshness just as flowers to your new beginnings. 


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