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Universal truth which no one can ever deny is that flowers are the most beautiful creation of God and they can brighten up any occasion, and moment. They have an innate power of making the occasions go from dull to happening and joyous within a fraction of seconds.


Today, we are here to help you learn more about these beautiful creations and how the important role they play in our lives by going through them in detail-


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1. Ways in which preserved flowers impact our lives?

2. Preserved flowers for Friendship.

3. Top preserved flowers arrangement for Your Summer Bouquet 2020

4. Best preserved roses or flowers to say congratulations

5. What are preserved flowers and best flowers for your home?

6. Traditional vs modern forever roses arrangement


Ways in which preserved flowers impact our lives?

Preserved flowers impact our lives in many ways. Sometimes we don't even realize how. They are truly valuable and can bring cheer to anyone around them. But do you know that they can have a massive impact on your mood, emotions, and can influence our mind in more than one way?


Yes, these beautiful creations have a tremendous impact on our lives whether we realize it or not. Let's see how they are important in our everyday lives and how pivotal they are in numerous ways.




- They bring smiles and happiness to everyone around them.

Flowers always guarantee to bring smiles to our faces. Giving them as a gift (within a nice gift box) to our loved ones is a sentimental gesture. It makes everyone feel good and it has benefits like boosting our mental health, immune system, and lowering down on the heart rate. Whenever the occasion is special or even when we meet our loved ones in the hospital we give them flowers. Why? Because they are capable of making the occasions special and make our loved ones feel important.


- Sleep is an essential part of our life and for leading a healthy & peaceful life we need to get plenty of peaceful sleep. It is primarily important for long and healthier life. Freshly cut flowers, also natural preserved flowers can help you achieve this easily. It is believed that flowers have a tendency and can help achieve the quality of sleep. In some of the fragrances, they have great and relaxing stress relieving benefits. For example- Lavender is one of the main fragrances that can help you relax comfortably by lowering down the heart rate and blood pressure.


- Less stress and peacefulness


The sweet fragrances of the flowers such as rose or lavender can ease your stress and can help you improve social behavior. Though they are not treated as a long term solution but for shorter durations they are very effective. And they should be utilized as they are highly cost-effective. You can just have them placed closed to your workstation or study areas and they will be effective.


- They can help you boost your health

Flowers have certain kinds of fragrances that can evoke emotions. They are often known to have healing qualities too. They are believed to have the power to give you a boost of the feeling of well being and motivation. So why not try them and take advantage whenever it is possible.


- They can help you increase your productivity

Whether you place fresh or natural preserved flowers at your work station or your home, flowers add to the beauty in the surroundings. They have the power to increase overall productivity by increasing the performance of the brain and stimulating the mind.

It has been observed that the range of colors of the flowers can have a significant impact on our minds too. Choosing the right colors can increase the concentration and can inspire creativity along with productivity. For example- Blue color inspires creativity.


- Flowers help bolster relationships

Based on research it has been found that being around flowers increases and boosts the level of compassion towards others. As such, individuals close to flowers enjoy better relationships than others.


- Flowers helps boost memory

It has been observed that flowers seem to have a positive and influential impact on memory, especially for senior citizens. Since they are so fragrant and smells are linked with memories, therefore they have the potential to activate and exercise parts of our brain which are associated with memory.


These are some of the unique ways through which flowers can influence your lives. You can just have a look at the wide range of flowers available near you and can enjoy the benefits for months. They are cost-effective and therefore should be utilized in your home not only to upscale your property but to even improve the ambiance of the surroundings.


Flowers are utilized differently on different occasions. People often gift them depending upon the occasion it is, it can be an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day or a birthday, flowers are truly special in every way. Different flowers express different feelings and of course they have different meanings. For example- red is the color of love, white is the color of purity; blue is for creativity and yellow is the color of friendship. So let's explore the importance of flowers when it comes to friendships. Why not try doing something different by giving your loved ones preserved flowers as gift? Yes, the idea of keeping the token of occasion for a long period makes preserved flowers important and valuable.



Preserved flowers for Friendship


Do you want to shower love and affection to your friends through flowers? You can do that very well through flowers. Yes, flowers can be gifted to your close friends but you have to choose them carefully. Whether you want to give them to say thanks or appreciate them for their efforts, they are the best way to express your affection, gratitude, and love to your friends.

When choosing flowers to gift your friends you should consider the following aspects-

If you don't know their choice then you should put a thought process behind the bouquet you choose and incorporate symbols of friendship to make it extra special.


- Flower Colours

Yellow is the color of friendship. Yes, yellow and coral are the traditional range of colors that are always chosen for friendship. They reflect joy, happiness, and warmth and represent friendship. They offer unique ways to cheer someone up and for even a greater statement you can choose sunflowers. They can be used to represent appreciation. Coral comes in a tone of orange and they reflect cheerfulness when you share it with your beloved friends.


- Species of the flowers

When you are planning to choose the species then you can never go wrong with daisies and freesias. They are the unique and perfect choice for your bouquet. You can mix them and utilize them in the bunch. Daisies are charming and are considered as a perfect reminder of spring. And on the other hand, freesias are known for an enchanting fragrance that has the power of igniting happiness, pleasure. These two species can brighten up your day and are a perfect gift for your loved one.

Have you ever thought about ivy? No, then just think about it as they are a popular choice representing greenery too. Don’t forget about greenery too, as ivy is a popular choice to add to your gift. The way this species grows represents the bonds you grow with your friends. You can add a spring collection to it and it will become a perfect symbol of strength, friendship.

Never forget to make your friends feel special. Show your loved ones the appreciation through the choicest collection of flowers. There are always preserved flower arrangements available and you can choose preserved roses or preserved moss to make the occasion eventful. Try something unique this time. They are a perfect way to remind affection and what your friends mean to you.

Top Flowers for Your Summer Bouquet 2020

Summers represents the vibrant season and what could be better than doing it with flowers. Yes, a beautiful flower bouquet can do wonders in your life. It can truly make your loved ones feel special in numerous ways. But what blooms should you choose in the summer? Here we bring to you some of the best and the unique collection which you can pick for your arrangement.

Some of the tops pick for this summers


- Daisies

Daisies crop up in June and July. They are one of the true ways to choose in the summer. You can choose some big, joyful daisies for your bouquet to bring a smile and cheer.


- Sunflowers

You can't get along in the summers without sunflowers. Trust me, the big, bright, and beautiful sunflowers represent the sun which in turn evokes smiles, cheerfulness and represents the essence of the season. They are timeless classics and if you use them properly then they can be utilized for days.


- Hydrangeas

Known to add volume to the bouquet, these are one of the few blooms that can steal the show in any arrangement. They are bouncy and no matter what color you choose they make your floral arrangement look better and classic. You can choose any color to give a plumper look. The only important thing to remember while using them is to avoid direct heat and ensure that they are kept at the proper place as they need to be hydrated.


- Lavender

The classic of all times is none other than lavender. Also known to have soothing and healing properties, lovely, lilac lavender is a great choice for your summer bouquet. They look cozy and always stand out amongst the crowd or in any arrangement you plan.


- Dahlias

Dahlias are known to have striking petals. They are truly beautiful, magnificent, and eye-catching. They are the perfect treat to eyes and these blooms have strong stems which makes them the perfect choice for a summer bouquet. They come in so many shapes, colors, sizes to pick from. You can choose the one you like or based on the choice of your loved ones.



- Roses

How can you forget Roses? Yes, they come in a variety of colors, and during summers you can choose the light and soothing colors. Light pink, peach, you can choose the one you like and they go best in any kind of bouquet.


- Peonies

These flowers come under the category for which the season does not last long. They are beautiful flowers and are available for a few weeks in late spring and early summer. They are really beautiful as they open up in huge blooms with petals. They are extremely photogenic and look fabulous. Coral peonies are one such category that you can enjoy watching change their color as they arrive. They come as vibrant corals but over the next few days, they will automatically fade to peach, yellow, and cream tones.


- Stocks

They are known for being fragrant and are the best ones to grow in the sun. They bloom well and come up in different shades of white, pink, blue, red. The distinct colors of these flowers make them unique and set them apart from other blooms. For gifting your closed one a real color-popping bouquet you can choose stock flowers.


You can choose from any of these options to make your preserved flowers bouquet look extravagant and eye catching. These all are the best picks for summers.


The Best Flowers to Say Congratulations

You can make your loved ones special moments be even more special by congratulating them with a beautiful collection of flowers. They can mean so much to them that they will remember it for a lifetime. There are different flowers you can choose from especially for celebrations.


If the occasion is special and you would like to send the flowers then you can follow a few important tips to say congrats.


Flowers for saying congratulations


- Congratulations, on a New Job!

If your loved one has got a new job then you can surprise them by gifting yellow roses. They make the ideal bunch of flowers to say congratulations on getting a new job. Bright and beautiful, it will represent new beginnings with cheer and they are commonly related to friendship.


With their elegant beauty and joyful tone, they are sure to bring smiles to your loved ones. It can also present positivity, cheer, and happiness.


- Congratulations, for Promotion!

Getting promoted in a job is an important milestone that calls for a celebration. When your loved one has got a promotion in his or her job then you should choose sunflowers. They are the perfect choice as a gift to say congratulations because they are unique and naturally long-lasting.


Another best and unique idea is to get some seeds from the bouquet and plant them in any vase or your garden. They will grow year on year and will represent freshness and warmth. They can also be used to send wishful messages to your loved ones for a great fortune and a happy future.


- Congratulate your loved ones as they graduate

Graduations are the perfect time for celebrations as they represent and embark on new beginnings. These special moments are meant to be celebrated and should never be skipped. If you are away from your loved ones then you can also plan to send exotic flowers to your loved ones online. Gifting exotic flowers is a great and perfect choice for loved ones graduating.

For example, orange color represents confidence, passion and they are perfect characteristics for the newly graduate. You can use them for wishing them best for the new beginnings as they are ready to step into the real world.

- Congratulations when your loved one is getting engaged or married

Getting engaged or getting married is an important milestone and one of the special occasions of life. To make it even memorable you can give your loved one their favorite flowers. Gifting them the best and favorite flowers of their choice will make their day memorable and rejoicing.

You can choose to give them the white roses as they represent new beginnings and purity. Gift them a bouquet of white roses and they will love it forever.

- Congratulations when your loved ones are blessed with a Baby

The arrival of a little one is a joyous occasion and when a baby has arrived then the best way to celebrate it with new parents is by giving them beautiful flowers.

Daffodils epitomize new beginnings and rebirth. They are the perfect choice for such occasions and you can never go wrong by choosing yellow hues. They represent true joy and happiness and carrying a bunch of beautiful daffodils is always a good idea.

- Congratulations when your loved ones are moving to a new house

Moving into a new home is a new journey altogether. It is a big step and what could be the best housewarming gift? Of course flowers. They are the number one and unique choice because they will be a perfect reminder of the beginnings and celebration of a very special moment.

For example- To congratulate your loved ones as they move to new accommodation, you can choose to give them the orchids. They are one of the best options because they are long-lasting, striking, and just generally a great house plant. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to find the right one for your loved ones.


These are some of the special occasions in life which should never be missed. And nothing can go wrong when your choices of flowers are the preserved flowers. With Preserved flowers as gift, you can recreate the magic by adding flowers to the lives of your loved ones. Some important things to keep in mind while congratulating your loved ones through flowers-

Keep note of the favourite color of your loved one. Do they have any specific flower or color in mind? Check if there are any little details that you can add to personalize the arrangement and make them feel special.


And don't forget to add a little card. That's the key and special part of the overall experience. The flowers will shower your loved ones about your care and love while the note will be the best option to express it. You can also plan to add little elements of joy like balloons or candies to make the bouquet look beautiful. Since you are dealing with happy and joyous occasions so make sure to choose bright and vibrant colors.


Big or small, nothing works better than a beautiful bouquet. They tend to make the day special and memorable. And mind it your loved ones will always remember the sweet gesture of yours for years to come.


What are preserved flower and best ones for your Home?

Without any doubt, we can say, everyone loves flowers and are receptive to them during any occasion. Anyone would love to receive and have them displayed in their homes. So if you want to give a brand new look to your home then why not choose flowers that can last for long. And you can never go wrong when you choose preserved flowers. This is because they tend to stay for long period, and don’t require any special maintenance. They are 100% natural and are not chemically treated.


Yes, flowers that can stay with you for days, months, and years. You can either gift your loved ones the preserved flowers and can also have the same displayed at your home as decor. You can choose from the best quality florals and the best long lasting ones which you can choose for a different nook of your home includes


- Living rooms


If you are planning to choose florals for indoors, especially living rooms then you can go with clematis and Delphiniums.

Clematis has a variety of vibrant colors from pink, purple, red, and even blue. You can choose your favorite shade in combination with the interiors of the living room. Both clematis and delphiniums are excellent for display in living rooms and are well known for their blue and purple tones. They stay fresh for two weeks as long as they are looked after properly. You can have them placed either in the corners for an easy display or somewhere near the seating areas. These beautiful collections are easy to spot and spruce up the ambiance of the room where placed.


- Carnations

Who can forget carnations? They are the most beautiful and elegant & they make up the perfect choice for homes. With their voluminous texture, they go along well with a variety of assortment colors and give a full appeal to the vase. They are a perfect treat for eyes and give the ambiance a whole new look.


These classic flowers are extremely beautiful, versatile and with a lengthy vase life, you will get to enjoy them for longer. One thing which you need to keep in mind with them is that you should remove the fallen leaves from the water as they can reduce the lifespan of carnations due to the increase in bacteria. You can change the water every few days and they can last longer.


- Chrysanthemums
If you are looking for long-lasting flowers in your home as a collection then you should never forget Chrysanthemums. They are one of the best choices because they come in a variety of colors as well as species and can last up to 30 days.

Since they come in a variety of options you can, therefore, choose them matching with personality as well as the decor of your home. They are of high maintenance therefore you will have to take care of them by changing the water frequently daily to have them reach their maximum life span.


- Orchids
Orchids form one of the collections which represent peace, sophistication, elegance, and beauty. They can last up to 3 weeks when cut and used for display in vases. If you continue to change water properly and keep them in the vase then they can last for long very easily.


One important thing to note is that if you keep them in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight then they can last for up to 3 months as well. Amongst orchids, if you choose cymbidium or phalaenopsis then they look amazing as part of your interiors. You should try using them for both living rooms and bedrooms if you are really in love with them. They look serene and peaceful.


- Peonies

These are the flowers that come in a variety of colors but mostly they are found in pink or white bunches. If cut properly they can be utilized for up to 5 days. The best way to purchase them is in closed form. This way they will be fragrant as they begin to open during the week. You can water them every two days but avoid them every day.


Traditional Vs. Modern Floral Arrangements

Times have changed and we have come across a long way where we have seen different trends evolving. There are different forms of floral arrangements and today we will help you understand the traditional and modern floral arrangements. Traditionally, floral arrangements used to focus only on uniformity.


Over the years, people have been sticking to the option of choosing a single color, single species of flowers. They used to make classic statements and are very simple. One of the most simple is a collection of red roses or pink roses. A unique arrangement with just a single color yet impactful.


- Monochromatic
Different hues of one color bring harmony to your bouquet and they look amazing.


- Three-Tiered Arranging


This is a traditional method that is being used to date. In this long-stem flowers are utilized, in which the tallest one can be placed in the vase, and then you can cut the stems of the remaining creating a second tier for them.

Modern Floral Arrangements

Modern floral arrangements are all about trying new and different combinations. These include-

- Combination and Variety- They are the latest in trend!

In the modern-day, it is all about mix and match. By mixing numerous blooms and foliage, you can give a perfect touch to the collection through a multitude of colors. With the help of beautiful contrast and combining different textures, your collection can give an incredible impact.


- Trying a unique combination with different and unusual Vases

Today there are a variety of vases available in the market which makes floral arrangements look more than perfect. They can be displayed in creative ways. For example- whether they are teacups or vintage milk bottles, unique & designer ceramic mugs the collections look amazing in every sense. You should try them for a change and they can never go wrong.


- Boho Floral Arrangements

This trend has always been loved and it is not going to die anytime soon. You can choose a few flowers which you normally have in your garden and then you can select pastel hues to give a charming look. You can even match this style with your flower vase and by adding plenty of foliage you will get an amazing boho look.


Utilising preserved flower arrangements will make it even more fascinating and your friends will definitely love them for their numerous benefits especially longevity. So why not try different arrangements using preserved flowers.


How can you display them in your home?

The easiest and the most cost-effective way to spruce up your home interiors whenever you are expecting your guest is to add beautiful flowers and plants to the interiors.


They are an easy way to add beauty to your rooms whether you are using them in the living room, bedrooms, or even kitchen. They are low maintenance and make the look & feel go elegant & beautiful.


- Kitchen- Have you ever thought that flowers and plants can also be used in kitchens? A single stem in a vase is the best option when it comes to the kitchen. You can keep it simple on a kitchen table or the shelves. They will look amazing and will give a whole new different feel to your kitchen. We all know that kitchens tend to be tight in space and the good way to add beauty to these areas is by placing your collection on shelves or tables. Adding flowers or plants in the kitchen will bring life and lush greenery to your kitchen while keeping the air clean and fresh. There are several indoor air purifying plants and you can add them too. For the kitchen, you can go with white jasmine, English ivy, beans and a lot more.


- In bedrooms, you can place flowers easily on the bedside table. You can choose your favorite flowers either on the dressing table or side tables. Brought together with scented candles they will give a lavish feel to your room. For your bedroom, you can have roses or jasmine. Jasmine makes an attractive accent plant and improves the quality of sleep. They are known to increase or improve the chances of waking up and reduce the level of anxiety. In addition to this, rosemary is another option you cannot afford to neglect. They have a strong aroma and they are known to reduce the level of stress, anxiety and can give you peaceful sleep. You can keep one in your bedroom and notice the difference in a matter of a few days.


- You can also place flowers in your bathroom. Yes, you read that right. You can have them in some reusable containers and have them displayed in your favorite corner where there is sunlight. You can place them slightly away from the water stream and they can very well emulate a relax and receive proper sunlight. They will give you a feeling of spa feel and add some stunning accents to your bathroom.


When it comes to bathrooms, begonias are another popular choice for the modern bathroom. They thrive well in almost all the climates and enjoy bathing sunlight so try to place them near the windows where they blossom conveniently. They enjoy high levels of humidity and are often hanged in the bathrooms. They also appear in several warm shades and they are the perfect choice of bathrooms.

For your bathrooms, you can also choose lilies, their striking white color, and glossy leaves look amazing and luxury to the bathrooms. They are also an air purifying and will not only act as decor but purifier.


Ivy is another option recommended due to its air-purifying properties. They can even be utilized in the galleries or balconies. Though they don't produce in blooms, you can add them as decor. Aside from air-purifying properties they are also known to keep the hygiene of the area and clean by preventing the growth of molds. If space, where you are utilizing them, is limited then you can keep them on ledges or shelves. You can use them in hanging baskets or designer pots where the leaves can trail down beautifully. They add elegance to space where they are kept.

So try using these amazing collections for your home and spruce up the style quotient of your home, living areas, kitchen, and lots more. They are the most cost-effective ways to add beauty to your spaces and the best part is that they come in a variety of colors so you can often mix and match them with the interiors of your rooms.


But don't you think, how perfect it would be if you can choose the flowers that last a year or months thereby reducing your headache of having maintained them for a longer period? Yes, we understand your concerns, and to help you deal with such anxiety we would recommend you to have a collection of preserved flowers.


But before that have you ever though what are preserved flowers and why you should choose preserved flower bouquet, preserved moss, or preserved roses? They are the ones that can easily let you enjoy the beauty and serenity of these flowers with complete peace of mind. They are the best choice in all the cases whether you want to give them to your loved one or want to arrange them beautifully in your homes. There are several long-lasting roses and flowers available that are cost-effective and are easy to maintain. You don't have to maintain them.

Preserved flowers wholesale China


Where to buy preserved flowers?

At Floralonly, we have been serving our clients with their favorite collection of flowers over the years. We take pride in the fact that our experts are professionally trained and they are capable of utilizing technology to the best of their capabilities. Their experience and expertise have resulted in the delivery of the best solutions. We have so far serviced innumerable clients and feel great to have served their requirements for very long.  

We are in the Kunming region and the advantage we have derived from this location is the high-quality freshly cut flowers. Preserved flowers process is really simple and as a supplier of fresh preserved flowers, we have developed a great variety of flower preservation crafts that can be easily applied in decors, hotels, home, and work interiors. It is always advisable to choose them as they are reliable and make the best preserved flower arrangements. 


With the help of our excellent team, we are in a position to drive results and meet the expectations of our customers with their growing needs and customized demands. We are the leading provider of preserved flowers wholesale in China and you can easily have your requirements for preserved roses in wholesale met by talking to our experts.


You can easily fulfill your requirements as well as your loved ones by choosing preserved flowers. The best advantage of choosing preserved flowers is that they will remain with them for a longer period and can help them cherish & rejoice their memories for longer. They can be utilized for a long time for months and years and their appearance does not depend on environmental conditions. The lifespan of these flowers depends on humidity, the higher the humidity of the environment, the shorter its lifespan.


With long shelf life, you can utilize these beautiful and elegant flowers for making floral arrangements, bouquets for gifting, decor for weddings, events, office decor, shows indoor use in homes, and much more.


Over the years we have been nurturing some of the most amazing flower varieties, characterized by long stems. We have also introduced customized collections with unique gifts that come in a range of boxes or glass to add to their beauty. So why not try something unique and different this time? They are the real preserved flowers in the glasses, preserved moss for wholesale or preserved flowers in a box and be assured as they are 100% real. They are not at all chemically treated and are of exceptional quality and are highly cost effective.


Personalized attention and customization of our team make our product unique and excellent. The utilization of the latest technology helps preserve their natural beauty, softness, and of course the look. Our team selects only the best quality flowers, preserved moss in bulk or luxury roses for the preservation process to give the best you deserve.


We hope the information and the learnings we shared with you will truly be helpful in more than one way. Preserved flower gifts are the perfect choice for your loved ones and apart from gifting to your special ones utilize them for your internal spaces and enjoy the warmth, peace, serenity, and love these beautiful creations always have to share.

Enjoy and rejoice every moment of life with nature around and keep all your worries aside.


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