Best preserved roses
Name:Preserved rosePlace of origin:Kunming, China
Type:Decorative FlowersModel:FOL-002
Brand:FloralonlyPacking:Gift Box & export carton
Material:Natural rosePayment:


Occasion:Gift & Decoration————

Best preserved roses

Our Best preserved roses are processed from 100% REAL rose through a series of complex procedures that will have the rose look and feel fresh while lasting 3-5 years.

All of our products are designed in China with grade A fresh flower, hypoallergenic, and food-grade color dye.

Floralonly sells the best preserved roses and preserved flowers gifts. They need not sunlight or water to keep them maintained. They can last up to years so they are definitely worth buying.

Wouldn't you love the idea of enjoying your favorite blooms all year round? How about gifting your loved ones, who have a special love for that one particular rose or tulips?

It sounds interesting? Right.


But guess what, all this is possible at Floral Only (!

At Floral Only, we have an amazing range of stylish, classy, and affordable fresh, natural flowers that guarantee to add a spark of a contemporary or modern feel to your life, interiors, and the events.


We have one of the most amazing, quality efficient preserved flowers that offer the best of both worlds while combining the beauty of natural flowers, and assuring longevity like never before.


Our products

All our flowers are 100% real flowers that have undergone preservation processes. They look fresh, real, and can last for more than a year. We have deployed modern, state-of-the-art techniques that are up to date and our team works extensively to deliver the best-preserved flowers.


People normally ask us one question, how long will the preserved flowers really last?

So we would like to let you know the preservation process is carried out carefully through the experts which results in long-lasting preserved flowers and unique preserved roses.


Preservation process of flowers

Preserved flowers process- It helps them retain and maintain their natural beauty for a longer period. The experts at Floral Only are highly skilled and efficient & they choose the best, fresh real roses to begin with the process. Every single rose is carefully chosen and delicately bred to ensure that it retains its beauty and quality. The preservation process of flowers simply replaces sap and water with liquid resulting in a 100% fresh flower.


Our eternal roses from Floral Only are not made of any chemicals or any material. To preserve their beauty our experts cut them when they are the most beautiful. Once the process is completed, you have the preserved luxury roses that look natural, beautiful, and are the best long-lasting flowers.


How can you handle fresh roses from Floral Only?

You simply need to do “NOTHING”. Yes, when it comes to preserved roses from Floral Only, all you need to do is relax and enjoy their natural beauty. They are the “forever roses”.


They don't need water or sunlight at all. So you can just say “hi” to them as you see their beautiful appearance and luster.


Just keep your beautiful blooms at a normal room temperature and away from the humid environment. Their stems are delicate to avoid pressing or being them. It can damage them easily and they might lose their beauty.


Just follow these basics diligently and you can enjoy their beauty, color, freshness for a long period.


Floral Only- Never artificial but real, fresh, eternal roses!
Whether you utilize the preserved flowers arrangement for an event or a gift for your loved one, they are going to last for long and be the best memorable remembrance.


Why choose Floral Only products?

Our amazing collection of products from Floral Only are more than just flowers sitting in a vase. They will fulfill your multipurpose requirements as you can re-use them for events, for making best floral arrangements, and as decor in commercial and residential spaces.

If you are in need to commemorate any special occasion of your life or you need a beautiful piece to make your interiors look ecstatic through preserved flower centerpieces then preserved luxury roses are what you are looking for. It will deliver uniqueness to your life as well as your home.


Floral Only, addresses all your needs as we have a huge variety of preserved luxury roses, preserved moss, preserved infinity roses in glass and rose gift boxes for every occasion. We are the leading provider of preserved flowers wholesale in our region. So whether you have requirements for a single gift or in a bulk, all your requirements can be met seamlessly.


We understand the importance of feelings & emotions and it is our earnest endeavor to take care of them by delivering happiness & freshness right at your indoors.

What are the preserved flowers? They look exactly like fresh flowers but can stay fresh-looking for at least a year.


The preservation liquid is used to replace the sap and water in the growth of the flowers, and the technology is 100%t eco-certified. 


But it’s a pity that not all flowers can withstand this treatment, so only a few flowers can be preserved such as roses, hydrangeas, carnations,  Baby's-breath, lotus.


You don’t need to do anything to care for them because they don’t need water or sunlight at all.  Or you just say hello to them when you see their beautiful appearance.


The preserved flowers can from 6 to 12 months. However, they have been known to last up to years in dry and cool conditions. But for fresh flowers typically last a few days/weeks or less. That means you can save the cost when choosing the preserved plant on different occasions.


Tip: The order here is only for the sample ordering for those who want to experience our product quality firsthand. And the max quantity will be 5pcs.