What are preserved flowers? Everything you want to know about preserved flowers


Where flowers bloom, so does HOPE

Flowers, not only do they bring smiles, happiness, cheer but hopes too. And no one can ever deny that they are the most beautiful, elegant creations in the world which evoke emotions, feelings, love, and of course memories. Their natural beauty adds to the happiness and cheerfulness to everyone around and they are the best gift one can ever give to their loved ones.


Many people often avoid using or gifting the fresh flower at all because they believe that they will fade away too soon. They are of the opinion that they are a complete wastage of resources since they cannot be kept for long. But what they are not aware of is that with the help of technology and the latest techniques everything has become just too possible. Now a new product called preserved flower can be kept for a long period of time and the best part is they don't lose their shine and beauty. Yes, gone are the days when these lovely creations were considered wastage of resources.  Today, we have come ahead of time and with state-of-the-art technologies and preservation techniques, we can surely keep them preserved and can utilize them over and again for multiple occasions. Isn’t it interesting? All this is possible through flower preservation techniques which keep them fresh as ever and you can use them for longer periods.


People are often confused about the preserved flowers and think they are not natural. They even feel they will lose their shine in a few days. To clarify all your doubts and concerns, we will help you by sharing all the necessary information and details about preserved flowers. You will understand how exactly, preserved flowers are brought into existence and why they are a better buy option instead of fresh flowers for your memorable occasions.


As you will read more about preserved flowers your doubts and misconceptions about them will get clarified. So before taking much of your time let's dive deeper into the amazing world of preserved flowers which signify beauty, nature, and much more.


What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers, foliage are completely natural flowers. They are processed with the latest technologies so that their appearance remains fresh for months and years.  You cannot identify and spot the difference between preserved and natural flowers as their look & feel and beauty is never compromised and looks exactly the same. Substances utilized in the preservation techniques are non-toxic in nature, non-carcinogenic, non-chemical, and non-explosive. Solutions that are used in this technique are the same which is used in food, medical, and textile manufacturing. Therefore, you can rest assured that there won't be any risk for health or the environment. These flowers add to the beauty and glory of any occasion whenever utilized. The preservation techniques have been found to be really effective in preserving their natural look. They are perfect in every form and can be utilized for decoration of homes, offices, wedding venues, events, indoors, and much more.


In simple terms, to make it even more clear that preservation is a restoration process that is carefully undertaken under the supervision of experts. Fresh flowers are chosen from the farms where they are initially grown. After choosing and cutting them carefully they are preserved through the preservation techniques such as using the flower preservation liquid. You cannot choose any flower and prepare it for the preservation process. Flowers are carefully examined and chosen before they undergo the preservation process.



The above images showed what are preserved flowers.

The process of preservation is not as simple as it seems since it has to be carefully executed under expert supervision that is very well versed in techniques and processes.


Flowers come in wide varieties of colors, sizes. They can range from romantic roses to glamorous orchids. We offer a range of flowers with amazing designs and colors to choose from on different occasions. The longevity and the beauty of our preserved flowers make them an ideal choice for our lovely clients. They have been utilizing them over the years for weddings, events, as decor, gifts, and much more.


Sustainable and free from toxins

what are preserved flowers? Preserved flowers are completely free from any sort of chemicals or toxins. We conduct eco-friendly production and testing around our processes. You can be assured that no harmful chemicals are used during their production.


The solution eventually rises through the trunks until it is completely absorbed and substitutes the sap. After this process and a few days, flowers can be used as desired. And in the end, we receive beautiful flowers with a natural and beautiful appearance. With minimal care and maintenance, you can keep them for long.


Flower Preservation- An ancient art technique.

The Flower preservation process has been practiced for many years. Earlier it was utilized for various purposes like a therapy and people even used to take it up as a hobby.  There were not many methods known earlier and technology was not at all possible to be implemented. But still, people used to preserve them and use it as per the requirements. You won't believe, flowers as old as up to 4000 years old have been found in tombs. This clearly indicates that flower preservation is an ancient art. Some of the old methods of preserving were

-Natural drying- Using sunlight and air.

-Using glycerin- Water and glycerin are taken in the ratio 2:1 and mixed. Fresh cut flowers are left in the water-glycerin solution where the water in the flowers is replaced by the glycerin, thereby making the flower supple and long-lasting.

-Pressing - This is a very common and easy method and the flowers are just flat dried in between sheets of newspapers or layers of other papers while being pressed with a heavyweight.

These were the techniques deployed and utilized in older days. But since we have come ahead of time and there are a lot of technological advancements and discoveries, modern techniques are being used to preserve these flowers. These techniques help the preserved flowers to long last and stay fresh for a long period.

Few of the modern methods deployed apart from the preservation processes are-

-Hanging them- It is known as one of the easiest methods to dry the flowers. Flowers are taken into small bundles and tied together. They are hung upside down and re kept away from sunlight. The area where they are placed is preferably cool and dry. The number of days it takes to dry completely depends upon the environment, size of the flowers, and humidity.

-By utilizing sand

This method has been quite popular.   And in this technique, stems are removed from the flowers. Flowers are placed in a box and sand is poured to it till they are completely covered. While implementing this technique it is ensured that sand is placed gently and spaces are not left empty. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the flowers to dry and their shape is easily preserved using this technique.


During this technique, you can utilize two towels or pieces of clothes. Flowers are placed in between them and then they are dried while keeping them safely in the microwave.  While using a microwave you have to take care of the time as it may burn the flowers if kept for a long period. This technique will take a few seconds up to few minutes and you are done.

-Preserving or drying flowers using freeze-drying.

Sublimation is the process utilized during this technique. In this process, fresh flowers' shape and color are preserved. Since this method involves the utilization of a freeze-drying machine hence it could be slightly expensive.

-Approximately 12 hours are utilized to freeze the flowers with the temperature set to below 100 Kelvin. After the freezing process is done, moisture is removed using a vacuum. The vacuum allows, moisture to be removed in the form of vapor which is the most essential part in preservation process.

-The best part of this technique is that flowers retain their natural colors and they are not lost.

The flowers preserved using these techniques can take several weeks and it all depends upon the environmental conditions, moisture content, size, and the number of flowers. You should keep checking them after regular intervals so that they are not too dry as it can make them go brittle and can break them off very easily.


The above image showed the difference between preserved flowers and dried flowers.

Benefits of Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers offer a lot of benefits, unlike the fresh flowers. Some of these benefits which make them worth buying are:


-Long-lasting/ Long life 

          how long can preserved flowers last

This unique feature is really amazing as we can use these flowers over and over again. We don't have to worry about their dullness at all as they remain beautiful for a very long time, unlike fresh flowers. They can be kept for years.


Round the year availability

The amazing thing about preserved flowers is that you don't have to wait for a specific season for your favorite flowers. As they will be available throughout the year without keeping you on wait. Depending upon the occasion you can choose and use them.


Ready to use

You can use these flowers readily. There is no specific arrangement you need to follow nor do these flowers require any specific maintenance to keep them fresh and beautiful.

Eco friendly

These flowers are completely eco-friendly and non-toxic in nature. They have not been treated with any harmful chemicals. The solutions used to preserve them are completely natural.


Freight Friendly

You can utilize these flowers wherever you go. You don't have to worry about handling or keeping them safe while you are traveling.


Easy to use

Flowers are very easy to use. All you need to do is keep them at your favorite place and enjoy their beauty from your couch. They will not only add or enhance the beauty of your place but will also give a soothing effect to your mind.


Resistance and durable

Preserved flowers are completely durable. You can enjoy their beauty for months and even years without having to water them or bringing them to sunlight.


Free from any maintenance

The preservation process means that your plants no longer require water and sunlight. They don't need any additional maintenance to retain their original beauty as well as freshness


They are not artificial

These flowers are not artificial, they are completely natural. They have just undergone a stabilization process that maintains their beauty for a long period of time.


-They are not frozen or dehydrated. Freezing destroys the characteristics of fresh flowers. Hence, we avoid it completely.


Reduced waste and cost

With longer shelf life you would need to replace them less often. You don't have to waste money on replacing them again and again.

These flowers are not constrained due to time. You can avail of these flowers at any time of the year. Hence, arrangements can be made ahead of time as well be fresh as ever till the day of your event.


What they need the most?


Their only requirement is that we should avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Keeping them in sunlight for long hours and in humid environments can affect their look and feel. It can lead them to lose their shine and luster. So avoid keeping or exposing them to direct sun or humid environments as much as possible.


Preserved flowers are best for which occasions?

Preserved flowers are the best for any occasion. Really they meet and fulfill criteria of all the occasions you can think of. You can utilize them for various purposes and occasions. Some of them we have listed for you-


-As beautiful decor at home, office.

-For any public event coming up.

-Weddings- for decor, hairpieces, baskets.

-Gifts for your loved ones.

-They can be utilized for DIY projects and crafts.

-As props for events.



Technology and Knowledge

Technology and knowledge play a critical role during the process of preservation. The basic process has existed for years. And with the help, efforts & expertise of our team, technology has been utilized and put to use to receive the best flowers. They are the best for making all kinds of original and exclusive composting. They are highly economical and excellent value for money which makes them the perfect choice.


How should we take care of or clean preserved flowers?

A simple answer to this question is that you don't have to take care of preserved flowers. Just keep them away from sunlight and a humid environment. Humidity can reduce their life span and their beauty. If you want to clean them you can use dry tissue or soft cloth.


Why are preserved flowers more costly than fresh flowers?

Preserved flowers are a complete value for money than fresh flowers. While buying them you should consider their life span, their usage. Only the highest quality flowers are chosen and they undergo this process. Chemicals used are completely nontoxic and only 30-50% flowers meet the criteria of quality standards.




● Preserved flowers can be utilized for months and years without any dullness in their beauty. Hence, they can be utilized in more than one way.

● They are the best solutions when it comes to doing any decor with flowers. There are numerous ways of utilizing them as they can be used as decorative shrubs indoors, orchid to add a touch to the beauty.

● Like fresh flowers, they do not require constant monitoring and maintenance. They will remain beautiful for the next few months without having to do anything.

● They are completely natural. You don't have to worry as they are not chemically treated. As already explained, the preservation technique is carried out very carefully with biodegradable substances from fresh plants. It is done so that no damage is inflicted on the environment.


● Less wastage

Since these flowers have a long shelf life, hence they need not be replaced quickly. It results in less wastage of resources.



Preserved flowers can be utilized for a long time. Their appearance depends largely on environmental conditions. The lifespan of these flowers depends on humidity, the higher the humidity of the environment, the shorter its lifespan. Typically, they have a lifespan of up to 3 years.


With long shelf life, you can utilize these beautiful and elegant flowers for making preserved flower arrangements, bouquets for gifting, decor for weddings, events, office decor, shows indoor use in homes and much more. These flowers carry unique advantages as they are highly convenient to use as they don’t require direct sunlight or watering at frequent intervals. They need to be simply stored in a dry environment avoiding sunlight to keep them away from fading.


Utilization of preserved flowers for interior designing

Flowers are so beautiful and subtle that they bring a statement to your home interior design. They will add fresh warmth and charm to your rooms. Their presence can add cheer, happiness, and beauty. You can customize these vibrant roses or flowers you choose to add unique life and vigor to your minimalistic home or living area. Flowers can be used in many ways to add beauty to your space. Some of the few ways are-


-They can be combined with natural light to a plain window area adjacent to a table in your living room. It will add elegance to your place.

-They can also become centerpiece designs in the kitchen, bedroom, or living area. It will make the look of the place amazing.

-They look beautiful when placed in corners. Rustic dark wood stands with preserved roses look perfect and add an opulent feel to your home.

-Patterned plans are in trend these days. Adding a touch of beautiful roses will take the look of your room to a whole new level.

-Placing a pure white or cream vase with preserved roses of your favorite color like light pink or pastel shades will perfectly complement your room.



Honestly, preserved flowers are a complete value anytime than the fresh flowers available in the market. And the reasons why they are valued for money is quite obvious that they can be utilized again and again. Apart from that, there are other reasons too which makes them a preferred choice for buying.


-As you know they last longer, therefore you are free from the concern of buying them again and again for different occasions. Fresh flowers can hardly last 3-4 days and up to 1 week at the maximum.


-They are cheaper than the fresh flower bouquets.


On average, the cost of a rose bouquet is 70 dollars or so which will last up to a week. This means it would cost 10 dollars per day.  Preserved flowers would cost you the same price or slightly more but it will last up to a year. Isn't it a cheaper investment?


-No maintenance is required. Since your preserved flowers will never wilt and you are also not required to remove dry leaves. You should, therefore, consider buying them.


-Suitable for every occasion and setting.

With preserved flowers you will never have to worry about allergies, making them suitable for individuals who could be sensitive to pollen.


In places where it is not possible to decorate with fresh flowers due to the lack of sunlight or availability and the continuous necessity to water and care for plants, preserved flowers serve as a great alternative.


-You can become a contributor to the environment

Mother Earth loves you and is calling out to you! Preserved flowers will not only help you with water conservation but will also give you ample opportunities to utilize them in the best possible manner. They are chemically free so the environment will never be affected. Try gifting them or utilizing them as your home or office decor and you will yourself realize that they are the ideal buy instead of fresh flowers.

Preserved flowers meaning

What are preserved roses? As we know preserved roses are the best gifts for any occasion for our loved ones are it a new one's arrival, birthday or an anniversary. Then why not choose the color which best suits the occasion. Since they are treated naturally you also don't have to worry about their life. Discover the real meaning of the colors of the preserved roses gifts and decide which one you would love to gift. We will help you with the meaning of the color in detail so you can make your choices accordingly.

All the roses are not of the same color and they are available even in metallic tones that tend to attract a lot of attention because they are little seen. Preserved roses have their meaning according to color. Although these colors vary according to culture and social environment, it is their general patterns that give meaning to these roses. So it is important to know the meaning of the colors to suit the respective occasion. We have compiled a list of the most common colors that have their respective meanings for the most appropriate occasions. It may help you :


Red Roses

These are the most common roses and you will find them very easily. Red as we all know is the color of love, passion, and desire. This is the most loved and preferred collection on a special occasion. Depending upon the special occasion like wedding, valentine's day, or even mother days you can definitely try gifting this to your loved ones. They will definitely feel elated and loved.


Pink Roses

It is a very beautiful and delicate color and is ideal for young women and girls because they denote innocence. This color is often used to denote friendship. It is believed the stronger the tone of the pink color pink the stronger is the friendship.

White Roses

White is the color of peace, serenity, purity and loyalty. It is often used during the wedding occasions especially for the brides. So gifting someone a box of white preserved roses can mean good wishes to them. People often gift them to a newly wedded couple.

Since white roses have a neutral tone, you can also plan to bring these flowers to see someone who is sick or is recovering and even to someone who has lost his/her loved one.

Yellow Roses

Yellow color denotes friendship, prosperity and abundance. You can use preserved yellow roses for gifting to your loved ones like your friends to express gratitude to them.


Green Roses

Green has always been known as the color of hope, good wishes and health. So you can choose these to give to your loved ones for good wishes when they are starting a new project or for someone who is physically recovering or starting a new venture.

Blue Roses

This color is not so common and easily available, so a blue rose is very strange and appreciated. Preserved roses painted blue mean purity, relaxation, harmony and peace.

Orange Roses

The color orange or orange usually has many meanings especially those related to joy and satisfaction for some goal achieved. You can gift them to appreciate your loved ones for any of their achievements.

So gifting a box of orange roses is a great gift for someone who got a promotion at work, graduated from college, etc.


Violet, purple or purple roses

These are the colors that denote royalty and spirituality. A box of roses preserved with any of these colors is ideal for transmitting a state of harmony and relaxation in any space for your loved one.


Black Roses

Like blue, preserved roses dyed black are seen less often and they have many meanings. For some, they are synonymous with elegance and sobriety, for others, it could be a bad omen, so just as with yellow roses, make sure you first know the opinion of the beneficiary person about these roses and then accordingly gift them.

Golden and Silver Roses
Both tonalities are artificial, so their meaning will depend a lot on the occasion. Gold and/or silver preserved roses are exquisite to complement any kind of interior decoration. They also represent royalty, so you can plan to use them when the occasion is really very special.

These are some of the standard meanings of the roses we have explained. You can choose the one that best suits the person and the occasion, their likes and dislikes. You can either have them in a bunch or as a box of preserved roses with required accessories.

At Floral Only, we have worked and services different clients as per their requirements. Hence, our team is well versed in dealing with any sort of customization or requirements. We are located in beautiful Kunming, also known as Spring City. We have over the years nurtured some of the most amazing flower varieties, characterized by long stem preserved roses and colors. We have a range of products like flower gifts, preserved moss and the gifts we offer can also be customized once we get the clients' requirements. With our dedicated production team and quality farms, we provide creatively unique and premium quality flowers which we are sure you would love to have in your collection.

How to Ship Preserved Flowers?

We take pride in the fact that we are safely delivering the beauty of nature right at your doorsteps. We have been in the process of delivering the best-preserved flowers to numerous countries. If you are also interested in getting them shipped at your location, you can proceed by making a quick purchase. Or if you need more information you can talk to our experts and they guide you about this process.

At Floral Only, we deliver all the shipments through EMS, DHL, etc. You may notice that the delivery cost is slightly higher, so instead of ordering a single product and bearing the cost, we would advise you to place order for multiple products at once so that freight cost is not much higher.

We truly value our relationship and our team will guide you in the best possible manner. In addition to this, we can also have your preserved flowers delivered or shipped by sea. It can be done but it will take a long time. So if you want to have your shipments delivered in a timely manner we would advise having it through express as it is the fastest and does not require freeze shipping.  iI you want to find a professional freight forwarder to ship your flowers from China,Bansar can be a good choice.

Reliable, trustworthy and well trained for Preserved flowers

Personalized attention and customization of our flowers through our team makes our product unique and excellent. We will offer you exceptional quality preserved flowers wholesale / preserved roses wholesale with the benefit of reasonable pricing which you will not find anywhere else. You will have the option to choose from a wide variety of flowers as gifts for your loved ones. By the meantime, some of preserved roses amazon sold also come form us.

Flowers at Floral Only are 100% real and natural. They are typically preserved from natural and high-quality floral or plant breeds using the latest state-of-the-art technology such as preserved roses in a box, preserved roses in glass. With the latest technology at our disposal today, we are able to maintain its natural beauty, softness and natural look & feel. During the preservation process, our team selects only the flowers of high quality. Therefore, flowers of the strongest species are chosen very carefully as not all of them can withstand this treatment and conditions. 

This is all about the Preserved flowers, preservation process and benefits they offer.

We hope you can totally know what are preserved flowres after you finish reading above.

The unique benefits of these flowers make them the ideal choice for any occasion. We hope this information might have helped you understand more about preserved flowers. When you choose preserved flowers, you are also making a contribution to the environment by not cutting the fresh ones.  At Floralonly, we understand what gifts truly mean to someone you plan to gift. The importance of gifts, the emotions, feelings and love behind them should truly be valuable and nothing can beat the value of flowers.

We are in love with nature and it is our earnest endeavor to keep you connected to it by bringing the freshness to your indoors and more close to you.

Make countless memories and celebrate every occasion in the most special way. Surprise your loved ones like never before, make the occasions count and preserve the beautiful memories of your relationship with your loved ones. The long-lasting preserved flowers will preserve the beauty of your relationship and will make it even more beautiful and memorable. If you are keen on buying preserved flowers then just don't wait. Go ahead and order them as they are the perfect reminder of the lovely occasions and special moments in life.


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