different varieties of the daisy preserved moss
Name:Daisy preserved mossPlace of origin:Kunming, China
Type:Decorative mossModel:FOL-020
Brand:FloralonlyPacking:Box & export carton
Material:Natural mossPayment:


Occasion: Decoration————

Our preserved moss processed from 100% REAL moss through a series of complex procedures that will have the moss look and feel fresh while lasting 3-5 years.

All of our products are designed in China with grade A fresh moss, hypoallergenic, and food-grade color dye.

This product is a preserved daisy  with different colors.

What are the preserved flowers? They look exactly like fresh flowers but can stay fresh-looking for at least a year.


The preservation liquid is used to replace the sap and water in the growth of the flowers, and the technology is 100%t eco-certified. 


But it’s a pity that not all flowers can withstand this treatment, so only a few flowers can be preserved such as roses, hydrangeas, carnations,  Baby's-breath, lotus.


You don’t need to do anything to care for them because they don’t need water or sunlight at all.  Or you just say hello to them when you see their beautiful appearance.


The preserved flowers can from 6 to 12 months. However, they have been known to last up to years in dry and cool conditions. But for fresh flowers typically last a few days/weeks or less. That means you can save the cost when choosing the preserved plant on different occasions.


Tip: The order here is only for the sample ordering for those who want to experience our product quality firsthand. And the max quantity will be 5pcs.